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'The Mechanics Choice'

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NBC Auto Parts and Engineering has been part of the local automotive landscape for 50 years, and we keenly support the automotive industry.

We have a large range of parts for all makes and models, the old and the new. If we don't have it in stock we have an extensive supplier network where we can source anything and everything automotive!

We have a combined knowledge of more than 100 years of service amongst our team. Our spare parts interpreters are incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.

169 A0005


NBC Operations Manager

With more than 25 years in the automotive industry, Matt knows a lot more about auto parts than his beloved St Kilda knows about winning grand finals. Matt enjoys finding the car parts ‘that can not be found’ and finding great spaces in the outdoors to tire out his two young children.

Tim M


Spare Parts Manager

This country boy turned lad about town, joined us in August 2011 after serving his time at Motors and Pride Autos, so he knows what the trade needs. A keen 4 wheel driver, Tim enjoys spending time with his two boys, family and friends. Our Spare Parts Manager, has a wealth of knowledge and enjoys keeping up with all of the latest trends and products across the industry.

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Spare Parts Purchasing Guru

It is hard to put a date on this Collingwood supporter, but he has been in the automotive game nearly as long as Matt is old! (Matt is closer to 50 than 40!) Rob has been around the traps and is keen to help you find everything you need, whilst ensuring we have the right stock on hand as our purchasing officer.

169 A0026


Sales Representative

Our sales rep, has been with NBC for 10 years and knows everyone in the industry, as his whole career has been in automotive. Supporting his son and daughter across their sporting pursuits keeps him busy on weekends. Partnering with our mechanics he is an integral part of the NBC team.



Delivery Guru

Jess has 20 years of experience driving and has the gift of the gab with a desire to help. Our delivery guru enjoys ensuring servicing our trade customers. Check under his delivery gear – you’ll find him sporting the yellow and brown guernsey and a few wattle grubs, always ready to drop a line in to catch a fish whenever he can.

169 A0019


Senior Spare Parts Interpreter

Our resident muso, with a love of cars has a wealth of knowledge, gained over 11 years working of working in spare parts. Dave enjoys a laugh, his children and his beloved Geelong Cats.

169 A0390


Delivery Driver

Scott has the enviable task of delivering parts all day, battling the traffic and ensuring that we keep our delivery promise. Again, another quiet achiever, although a sense of humour lurks underneath the quiet exterior.

169 A0012


Spare Parts Interpreter

Oli, is one of our spare parts interpreters learning the art of the industry and is very passionate about cars! Oli is incredibly helpful and enjoys a challenge. As a junior in our team, he keeps everyone on their toes!

169 A0041


Workshop Manager

Andrew - or Nugget as he is known to our long term customers and team has incredible knowledge and skills through 22 years of bonding with NBC. During this time, he also completed the trade of Machinist and whilst his expertise is brake bonding, he is a fantastic tradesman so all in all Nuggs is a fantastic Machinist, Brake and Clutch Rebuilding and Bonding Guru. When he is not behind a lathe, he is creating in the kitchen, barracking for Hawthorn and chasing his two children!

169 A0052


Apprentice Machinist

Jackson, was on the spare parts counter before wanting to start his apprenticeship over in the workshop. Jackson is our quiet achiever, always willing to learn and be challenged with a project, he is developing strong skills for the future of the workshop.

169 A9994


Director, chief morning tea supplier.

Selena is the chief supplier of chocolate biscuits, morning teas, and lollies. Selena knows very little about cars or car parts, but enjoys being in business with her team, our fantastic customers and being a Mum to her two gorgeous daughters. As Director of NBC, she sees her role as creating a dynamic and fun environment where the team can do what they do well, which is operating the best independent automotive parts store in Tasmania.

169 A0001


Chief Barker

Winston is the NBC dog, found in the lunch rooms looking for scraps, behind the counter looking for cuddles or up in Selena's office in his bed, when the quest for food becomes too much.

Our Future

Like all industries, the automotive industry is constantly evolving and is challenged for people.

At NBC we are constantly looking for ways to get involved at the local level through sponsorship, programs or work experience to show people how the industry is thriving and the diversity of careers available.